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Vincent Sheridan | Catalogue of Work by Period

The catalogue for Vincent’s work is catagorised by decade. Each period shows an archive of the work done at that time and each page dedicated to a work shows the work from the same period as well as links to view the other periods of his work.

Custom Post Type and Custom Fields
Toolset Contractor

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Adfuels | Service Station and Store Locations

Using custom post types I was able to present all the locations for service stations and convenience stores in a classical grid manner. New locations get added to this layout as they are created. The page for each location is designed so that mobile users have quick access to the telephone number and map and a list of the services available at the loction. The backend form for creating these locations have a simple checkbox for each service making it easy for the client to manage details on the page. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Adfuels locations page
Adfuels location page

Catalogue of Prints by Stephen Vaughan

Using Toolset Types the presentation of my work was structured around a custom post type for prints and archive views to group work filtered by years. The layout was put together using the Divi front end page builder framework and a universal contact form was added to encourage enquiries. Shortcodes are used extensively throughout the template for this, matched to backend custom fields where information on new prints can be added easily. Much time and thought went into how all the elements work well for all screen sizes, with priority on presentation of the full art work when the page loads. 

Custom template built with Divi-Tooset integration and backend editor with custom fields
Vaughanprint layout for print catalogue online

Layout Template for Course Details | English Language Ireland

To facilitate the entry of data into the backend dashboard for a course I created a dynamic backend template with repeatable fields that allows administrators to add as many listed features and modules for the course as needed. The front end template contains these entries and presents them in a consistent manner. The callout enquiry button auto scrolls the visitor to the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Backend dashboards for layout and custom post data entry
Course page english language ireland

Full lisitings of all Filippi and Croker products

For the full range of boats and oars on the Filippi Ireland website I used the Toolset suite of plugins to create the custom post types with layout templates for individual items and archives to list items in each category. Templates for individual items incorporated a Gravity enquiry form targeted at rowers wanting to submit details of physique when seeking advice on specific types of equipment. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Filippi content management
Designing templates and filtererd archive views with Toolset Types
Editor layout for data entry in boat product.
Toolset Contractor

As a freelance Toolset Contractor I have access to all the tools for managing inventories of any type on your website.

Language Program Layout For Equinox Education Services

This layout was a prototype that I created for Rapid Web. It was designed with the Toolset plug-in for managing custom post types and layouts in WordPress. The layout template ia marked up with html structured around shortcodes representing the custom fields that are filled in by the user on the back end.


Brochure layout for Equinox Learning Services

Menus for Shanahan’s on The Green

The Toolset plug-in for managing custom types and designing layouts in WordPress was used to create the menus for meals at Shanahan’s. Staff at the restaurant use forms on the backend to update these menus or add new ones. This work was done on behalf of Rapid Web.


Shanahans on The Green menus

Custom Post Layout for Tom Rucker Fine Jewellery London

For this new website built by Rabid Web I designed the layout for Tom Rucker’s catalogue of jewellery. Each piece of jewellery by Tom is given the optimal space on all devices.


Tom Rucker website jewellery layout

Portfolio for Sites And Traffic

I designed the portfolio pages fro Sites & Traffic (now Rapid Web) showcasing the web projects for the company. I used the Toolset plug-in to create a page for each of the projects and from this an archive to display all the projects in a grid on the Our Work page.


Sites & Traffic website portfolio

Quote Calculator for EU Vans

For Rapid Web I created an extensive quote calculatoron the EU Vans website for visitors to use if they needed to get an estimate of the cost of their house removal. The form for this can be configured to itemise all items from sofas to TVs.


EU Vans quote calculator