Web Design

Vincent Sheridan

The main focus of the website I built for Vincent Sheridan is on his catalogue work from the 1970’s to present. Over time this will evolve, introducing layouts to display some of the video that the artist has been working on over the last number of years. The catalougue is presented using a hierarchy of custom post types. 


Adfuels is a chain of service station and convenience stores around Ireland. A directory of all the locations has been created using custom post types as well as a page diplaying the current special offers. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Kavanagh’s Engineering | Photovoltaic Systems | Shopping Trolley Systems

This project was comprised of a rebuild of the Kavanagh’s Engineering weebsite plus the adition of two new sites: Photovoltaic Systems and Shopping Trolley Systems. Using the Divi front end page builder for the template, the same style and look was used across all three site. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Kavanagh's Engineering portfolio image

Vaughanprint | Prints by Stephen Vaughan

This website presents the definitive catalogue of the fine art prints I have made over the last three decades. The layout for presenting my prints uses a custom post type for the template

English Language Ireland

This is a rebuild of the English Language Ireland website. A new layout and structure was added and the cousres are saved as a custom post type and accessed through dynamically generated archive views. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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English Language Ireland website portfolio image

Filippi Ireland

This is a rebuild of the Filippi Ireland website using custom post types to catalogue all the boats and oars in the fillippi and Croker ranges. Specifications of each item are included with a targeted enquiry form for rowers to submit their physical details when seeking advice on what equipment they should buy. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Filippi Ireland website portfolio image

Plastic Surgeons Marketing

Plastic Surgeons Marketing, a subsidiary of New World Digital, is an SEO driven marketing site targeted at working with Plastic Surgeons wishing to promote their practices in specific markets. We used a colour scheme of three complimentary colours to represent the three key elements of what Plastic Surgeons Marketing is about namely: DESIGN, SEO & MARKETING. This work was done on behalf of New World Digital

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Plasitic Surgeons Marketing website portfolio image

Blackstairs Biodiversity

Blackstairs Biodiversity is a Carlow based organisation. Built on behalf of Rapid Web the website provides resources to the public, biodiversity maps, links to related websites and a calendar illustrated with the plants and animals to watch out for at different times of the year. I was responsible for the design and build of this website including the logo.


Blackstairs Biodiversity website portfolio image

EU Vans

With thirty years experience EU Vans specialises in removals, storage and vehicle transport. Visitors to the EU Vans website can submit enquiries and get quotes for these services using customised forms provided. I designed and built this website and the logo for this website for Rapid Web.


EU Vans website portfolio image

Eamon Colman

This website is built around Eamon Coleman’s career as an artist. It uses the Toolset plug-in for custom types, views and archives. The work of the artist is managed in a hierarchical manner, from paintings up to the exhibitions each artwork is associated with, to the major periods in the artist’s career. For the artist there is also the benefit of the custom back end forms designed for ease of use, for adding new works of art and exhibitions. This was a complete build for Rapid Web to replace Eamon’s old website that I completed in 2016


Eamon Colman website porfolio image

Pangur Consulting Limited

I designed and built this site for Rapid Web. Based on the clients original single page website, the content was reorganised into separate pages, each dealing with the different aspects of Pangur’s practice. The new site was intentionally built to be responsive, for viewing on both desktop and mobile devices.


Pangur consulting portfolio image